Much can be said about the challenges people face in making exercise part of normal life. If you’ve just taken up a fitness routine, for instance, you may fall into the habit of doing the same workouts every day. While you might be doing this to make exercise feel more comfortable, it might not be your best strategy. Just as your body needs physical activity, it’s also important to switch up your routine from time to time.

Why Diversify Your Routine?

It takes about 6 weeks for the body’s systems to adapt to a particular physical activity. So when you perform the same workouts repeatedly, they’ll become much easier as time goes by. As your body gets more familiar with the routine, it reaches a state where the activities no longer feel challenging. If you don’t change things up, your fitness level will eventually plateau.

Putting your body through the same motions time after time could also increase the risk of sustaining overuse injuries. Also known as repetitive strain injuries, these happen when one performs the same motions too many times, which makes the body lose shape. Mixing up your activities is the best way to minimize your exposure here. In so doing, you’ll be giving your muscles, ligaments and joints a chance to recover and rest.

Learning new skills can not only keep you motivated, but it’s also the element of exercise that helps prevent memory loss. The best way to ensure you do a little of everything is to choose different activities that keep you engaged, rather than things you could easily do on autopilot. Although it could take a little trial and error before you find something that suits you, keep exploring until you do.

Getting Yourself Excited About Fitness Again

If you can’t seem to figure out how to keep your workouts from getting stale, these ideas could help:

-Change the order of your workouts: This would especially be helpful if you’ve always followed the same workout routine.

-Take a class: Joining a class, whether spinning, kickboxing, yoga or aerobics, is a good way to find new challenges.

-Get social: Combining your social life with exercise can not only make it more fun, but it’s also a good way to make yourself accountable.

Whatever you do, the most important thing is to ensure you add different activities into your workout plan. With time, exercise will become more fun, and you’ll start seeing better results.

If you’ve been doing the same set of exercises every time you hit the gym, you might have been setting yourself up for failure. Variety is a crucial element of a successful fitness regimen, no matter how it’s structured. So take a look at your current routine, and see how you could spice it up without making too many sacrifices.