You have seen a couple of you tube channels that specialise on giving fitness advice and show you how to do different kinds of exercises correctly. What should one do in order to set up and run a successful channel on YouTube and other social sites? If you are aspiring to come up with such a channel, here is a guide to successfully launching and running it.

Don’t obsess with perfectionism

We all want our channels to look perfect, to have the highest quality of video and audio. But when you are starting out, you may not be at a position to purchase the equipment needed to achieve such levels of video and audio. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from starting up. You should just start up and gradually improve the video and audio quality as you proceed. This way you build on your audience as you improve and therefore don’t lose out on an opportunity to build your list of audience.

Perfectionism will dictate that you should wait until you can afford all the equipment you need. However, it is better to work with what you have and keep improving. Some people even use their mobile phones to create their YouTube channel videos, audios and take photographs. If you do not have the knowledge and skills to shoot videos and improve audio on your mobile phone, you can check out different online resources for tutorials and information that could help you improve.

Content is king

The only reason people will watch your channel is if you provide them with high quality content. Whatever you sot should be well researched. Opinionated posts should be clearly labelled and those that present proven facts or procedures should also be labelled. Why? Your followers and subscribers need to differentiate your personal opinions from well researched and proven facts. These people use your posts to improve their fitness and therefore differentiating the two will give them a bearing on what they should or should not take up.

Be original

There are different resources that could be used for reference. While these sites and channels may provide good content, it is always good to ensure that you maintain your originality. No one wants to watch a clip they watched somewhere else on your channel. However, you can collaborate with different vloggers and bloggers to come up with clips that could be used in multiple channels. If you must upload a video or audio or content from another person, ensure that it is clearly cited and that your audience understand why you had to do that.

Keep it simple

Sometimes, some people may overdo things and this may not auger well with the subscribers. Keep it simple and straight forward. The lighting should be just right. You don’t have to use dramatic lighting to catch the attention of the subscriber. In addition, do not over edit your videos and audio such that the sound is unnatural or the movements seem doctored. All this may lead to lose of subscribers. As much as you would want to impress them, overdoing it will have adverse effects.